Reservation Policies

Retreats and Reunions:

We encourage you to take a tour of Anderson Lodge.  Once you determine which facility best fits your needs, it is easy to make a reservation.

Please be respectful of the community and refrain from using neighboring driveways as turnarounds. If you do miss the driveway, just east of our lodges there is an intersection with a large parking area. This is a great place for vehicles and RVs to make a change in direction.

1. Contact Anderson Lodge
  •  (360) 247-6660 to verify available dates.
  • Review all prices for lodging, services, etc.
  • Identify which dates you wish to rent and which facility you wish to reserve.
2. Download a Rental Agreement from our website.

Visit our Rental Agreements page or if you wish to have one mailed to you please call the Lodge office or email us at
We would be happy to provide you with a rental agreement

3. Send the Initial Deposit and Rental Agreement
  • Make checks payable to Anderson Lodge.  (Mailing address at bottom of page)
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted.  Just contact the Lodge office – 360 247 6660
  • The Rental Agreement and Initial Deposit are due within 7 days.
  •  If you still wish to reserve a facility and the 7 day time period has lapsed, please call the home office again to verify available dates.
  • All reservation deposits and payments made are non-refundable.

    INITIAL DEPOSIT: (For retreats only)
    Main Lodge & cabins            $300 per night
    Hilltop House & cabins       $300 per night
4. Submit the Confirmation Deposit
  • The confirmation Deposit is due 1/2 way between your arrival date and departure date.
  • To finalize the reservation the Confirmation Deposit must be paid.
  • Checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.  Just contact the Lodge office – 360 247 6660 for credit card payments
  • the due date of the Confirmation Deposit will be given to you when we have received your rental agreement and initial deposit.
  • Your reservation is not considered confirmed until both deposits have been paid.
  • Again, all reservation deposits and payments made are non-refundable.

CONFIRMATION DEPOSIT:(For retreats and reunions only)
Main Lodge & cabins             $300 per night
Hilltop House & cabins          $300 per night

5. Statement

You will be sent a list of questions a month before your arrival to confirm the details of your retreat. The answer to these questions will help us create a statement for you.

You will be asked to confirm:

  • Arrival/Departure times (see below specifics)
  • Check-In representative
  • Bedding Request
  • Meal Plan & cleaning choice
  • Total Number of attendees including day use & other volunteers
  • What you want on your sign by the road (max. 3 words)
7. Check in
  • ONE NIGHT RENTAL- Standard Check in: 2:00 PM
    *If schedule allows, Early entry MAY be granted at 12:00 PM (NO COST)
    *If schedule allows, Extended early entry is $100/hr before 12:00 PM
  • TWO OF MORE NIGHT RENTAL – Standard Check in 4:00 PM
    *If schedule allows, Early entry MAY be granted at 2:00 PM (NO COST)
    *If schedule allows, Extended early entry is $100/hr before 2:00 PM
    Contact Lodge office to request early entry or an extended early entry

*NOTE: Early entry, extended early entry or late check out may be confirmed 30 days in advance, no earlier.

  • You will be required to have at least one contact person present upon check-in to receive the check-in packet, review the use policies and sign arrival documents.
  • This contact person must be the first person on the property.  Arrival time must be confirmed with the home office.
  • Please do not have any family members or guests arrive prior to check-in time.
8. Check Out
  • If self-cleaning, complete the cleaning checklist by your designated check out time.
  • If our staff is cleaning, complete the departure checklist by your designated check out time.
9. Payment in full is due upon departure
  • Checks are accepted
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted

Feel free to download a FLOOR PLAN to help in room assignments for your retreat.

Mailing Address:
Anderson Lodge Office
18410 NE 399th ST
Amboy, WA 98601-3226

Physical Address (not mailing address)
12025 Lewis River Road
Ariel, WA 98603 Ariel, WA 98603

Physical Address (not mailing address)
12014 Lewis River Road
Ariel, WA 98603


  • Furniture STAYS in the living room.  Leather and upholstered couches/chairs are not EVER to be taken out to another room or out of doors.  You may put them on the perimeter of the room ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The use of silly string, sky lanterns, confetti, imitation flowers, glitter, rice, or scattered decorative ornamentation is strictly prohibited.
  • No tape or tacks may be used on the walls of any room.
  • If using balloons that may travel to the ceiling, be sure to remove them.
  • Do not remove our artwork/pictures from the walls.
  • CANDLES must be in fire-proof containers.  Containers must exceed the height of the flame by 2 inches.
  • If your event is using beer kegs, place them on the cement only. Please protect the wood in Beverage bar areas. Clean areas after use.
  • Bring all wine, beer and liquor bottles back with you to dispose of.  Do not put them in the trash.
  • Never leave standing water on laminate flooring or hardwood. Use microfiber mops for laminate and hardwood flooring.  DO NOT USE rag mops on laminate or hardwood!  Follow instructions of use and cleaning of laminate flooring and hardwood floors.
  • Absolutely NO tents, cars, dance floors, tarps, tables or other such items on the wedding sites (gazebo or view site) at the Hilltop House
  • Hilltop House: Please do not drive up to the storage house by the gazebo by way of the wedding path area.  You may drive around back (north side) to load chairs in a vehicle and get close to the storage house.
  • Do not move piano in Hilltop conference room
  • Do not ever take pillows, mattresses cushions or any other furniture out of doors
  • Main Lodge: ALWAYS leave a fire lane open in the driveway and through the turn-around by the Main Lodge.  Park by tennis courts and reception parking in field.
  • Anderson Lodge has a no pet policy
  • No smoking in any building.  Dispose of refuse properly.
  • Hilltop House ALWAYS leave a fire lane open up the driveway and back to the parking area by the 3 cabins.  Fire trucks are to be able to reach the buildings and turn around by the cabins/parking area.
  • Please be mindful of the noise level late at night.  Lower the volume of amplified music and attendees by 10 PM. You are to bring the party  indoors by 10 pm.




ALL our packages include lodging for family and friends as well as incredible ceremony and reception sites.

Main Lodge


Guests have exclusive use the whole facility.
It’s like renting an entire resort for your event!

Main Lodge


Our lodges offer such a unique venue to gather and connect with family and friends You can truly make this reunion one that reflects your family traditions.

Main Lodge


Our Main Lodge is a 16-acre site with lodging and loads of recreational possibilities. Giant trees & ferns surround this unique facility. Sterile & conventional it isn’t…
cozy and welcoming it is!

Main Lodge


The Hilltop House is truly a special location. It is perched at the top of a hill with 75 acres of natural beauty and wildlife. Guests enjoy the activities on site and relaxing setting. The view and the lush forest surrounding the Hilltop House enhances any celebration or event.

Main Lodge