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Dinner bell is ringing!
It is so important to have quality meals at any event.  Here at Anderson Lodge, we have wonderful kitchens for your use.  We do not have catering as a part of the rental of Anderson Lodge.  We have the following options for serving meals for your event.
  • Self-cater, with volunteers-only preparing and providing your meals – NO SELF-SERVICE BUFFETS at this time. You must provide volunteers to individually serve each person, one at a time.
  • Preferred catering – You choose one of our preferred caterers
  • Outside catering – You choose a caterer that you wish to provide your meals. Again, caterer must serve each individual, one at a time, for a buffet. Or they may provide plated meals.

You are required to communicate with Anderson Lodge for these choices. If you are having an outside caterer, notify Anderson Lodge. Provide name of caterer, business name, and contact information. Caterer must clean an sanitize kitchen after use and take care of clearing and washing dishes.

Please note: Self-serve buffets not allowed at this time. Servers must provide items from buffet individually to one guest at a time.

Meals can make or break an event.  Here at Anderson Lodge we have put a lot of effort into providing quality kitchens that allow you to just bring in your food and not worry about bringing can openers, china, or coffee pots for example. It’s easy to cook for a crowd at Anderson Lodge.  From preparation to serving, it is wonderfully organized for you.
Our kitchens are very well stocked and you are free to use our china, flatware, cooking and serving dishes.  You will find plenty of conveniences such as: multiple salt and pepper shakers, water pitchers and coffee carafes, serving platters and bowls, dish towels, ziplocs and foil.  Both facilities have commercial dishwashers and refrigerators.
You may notice that we charge kitchen fees with every booking. The kitchen fees allow us to keep our facilities maintained and equipped with all the many commercial appliances and baking/cooking/serving supplies.
If you choose a caterer from our preferred list, you will be in direct contact with caterers to book their services. All catering deposits, gratuities & payments will be made directly to the caterer. Caterers will define all prices and services. Contact us for list of preferred caterers.


Our Kitchens

We have very well stocked kitchens with commercial appliances. We try to provide quality kitchens for you to use. You can count on a commercial dishwasher and commercial refrigeration at both the Hilltop House and the Main Lodge.  In our kitchens you will find china and flatware for 150 people. We have multiple salt/pepper shakers, acrylic tumblers, acrylic water pitchers, and coffee carafes.  Speaking of coffee, we have large coffee urns for large groups and 2 Mr. Coffee pots for smaller groups.  We have a large white serving platters and large salad bowls plus 6-8 glass serving dishes and many baking and food prep utensils. The kitchen fees allow us to update and maintain our commercial appliances and equip our kitchens with many baking/cooking/serving supplies. You will be amazed at our well-stocked kitchens

Please note: Self-serve buffets not allowed at this time. Servers must provide items from buffet individually to one guest at a time.

Kitchen Fees

We do not have catering as a part of our Anderson Lodge rental packages.  But you have the choice of:
     Self Catering
     Preferred Catering
     Outside Catering

Kitchen Fees:   (Add 9.8% tax)

Self-Catering:No additional fee beyond the $50/day+tax kitchen fee if Volunteers (Unpaid people) provide the meals for your retreat and no one is being paid for this service.

Preferred Caterer:  Verification from caterer required.

  • $50 Kitchen Fee WAIVED for any day/s a preferred caterer provides meals
  • $50 Kitchen Fee+tax WILL APPLY to any day/s without a preferred caterer.

Outside caterer:

  • $50/day+tax Kitchen Fee applies
  • Add $90+tax Caterer Kitchen Fee if Outside Caterer provides some or all of your meals.
Our Preferred Caterers

Our preferred caterers are very experienced with catering AND are frequent caterers for Anderson Lodge. Choosing a preferred caterer will insure that your event is in good hands.  They know the location of supplies, have knowledge of traffic flow, and can answer questions about your stay at the Lodge.  You can still expect the same high quality meals when you utilize caterers from our preferred list.  It makes such a difference having a caterer who is familiar with our facilities. If you are interested in a preferred caterer, please contact the Lodge office.  We can provide a list for you. Remember: Self-serve buffets not allowed at this time. Servers must provide items from buffet individually to one guest at a time.

Meal Plan Ideas

Here are a few ideas of what past groups have organized as a part of meal plans:

  • Taco, pasta, or baked potato bar
  • Scandinavian smorgåsbord
  • Dessert Bar
  • Snack Service
  • Barbecue Buffet
  • Fiesta Buffet
  • Stuffed french toast & fruit breakfast
  • Italian Night
  • Mexican Dinner Party
  • Hawaiian Luau night

The options for retreat meals are endless.  Just talk to your caterer or brainstorm with your families.  It’s all possible at Anderson Lodge.

If you are self-catering, we would be happy to help you plan and give you any information you might need to make your meal plan successful.

The kitchens are well equipped and the dining areas are large enough for your whole group. When you visit either the Main Lodge or the Hilltop House you will be absolutely amazed at the outdoor dining areas with spectacular views. Groups renting in warmer weather often can be seen at the barbecue or roasting hot dogs in the outdoor amphitheater.

Dining at Anderson Lodge

Main Lodge Dining

Patio dining at the Main Lodge


Hilltop House Dining

Patio dining at the Hilltop House

Conference Rooms

Our grand conference rooms and spacious reception pavilions are amazing spaces for any celebration or large group gathering.

  • There’s room for a large buffet and conference rounds with chairs for your meal.
  • ALL buffet meals must be served individually to one person at a time. NO SELF-SERVICE!
  • At least twelve 60″ conference round tables can be placed in either space.
  • You will also have access to 8′ and 6′ rectangular tables.
  •  Please know that the leather couches and the fabric side chairs STAY IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM.
  • Do NOT take the furniture to another room or outside.  It’s okay to move them to the perimeter of the room, but do NOT move them out of the room.

Whatever the celebration you have planned here at Anderson Lodge, the venue will enhance your event!

Anderson Lodge
Where natural beauty is the icing on the cake!


ALL our packages include lodging for family and friends as well as incredible ceremony and reception sites.

Main Lodge


Guests have exclusive use the whole facility.
It’s like renting an entire resort for your event!

Main Lodge


Our lodges offer such a unique venue to gather and connect with family and friends You can truly make this reunion one that reflects your family traditions.

Main Lodge


Our Main Lodge is a 16-acre site with lodging and loads of recreational possibilities. Giant trees & ferns surround this unique facility. Sterile & conventional it isn’t…
cozy and welcoming it is!

Main Lodge


The Hilltop House is truly a special location. It is perched at the top of a hill with 75 acres of natural beauty and wildlife. Guests enjoy the activities on site and relaxing setting. The view and the lush forest surrounding the Hilltop House enhances any celebration or event.

Main Lodge