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Anderson Lodge Wedding Packages

At Anderson Lodge we are known for our cozy atmosphere and lush forest setting. We’re extremely mindful of the world-wide focus on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19. Anderson Lodge takes the health and safety of our guests in the midst of the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. We are currently scheduling appointments for socially distanced tours. Reservations are available for 2021 and 2022. You can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to address guest safety during your upcoming stay with us.

Here at Anderson lodge we heartily believe that all wedding celebrations should include an overnight stay. Gathering together to commemorate such a blessed event is enhanced by allowing your family and friends to join you for a longer expanse of time. No rushing, no hourly rate, just a truly magical celebration in an extraordinary venue! Read on to learn about our many wedding packages

An Anderson Lodge wedding is an incredible experience. Wedding packages all include an overnight stay. How great is that! Many couples choose a 2-night package allowing for a full day on-site, before the big event takes place. A recent bride expressed how important it was for her to have the 2-night wedding event.

 Our wedding day was perfect. It was so nice to have everything at the venue, and be able to be there the day before and the morning after. The weather and grounds were beautiful. Richard was friendly, and was working hard to make everything beautiful even as we showed up the day before. We could not be more happy with our experience with everyone at Anderson Lodge. We had so much fun, and several times our friends and family commented on how wonderful the venue was. We will highly recommend you guys to anyone we know that is getting married.

The following are our Wedding Packages and Pricing.  Although these packages do not put a limit on the number of guests; we suggest you limit your guest list to 200 people or less.  Lodging is included with ALL packages.


Package Pricing

(ADD 9.8% TAX)

Full Weekend Wedding: 4 PM Friday through 10 AM Sunday

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $3,800
    • Mid-Season:   $4,800
    • Summer:        $6,000

Saturday Wedding: 2 PM Saturday through 10 AM Sunday

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $2,800
    • Mid-Season:   $3,400
    • Summer:        $4,200

Sunday Wedding: 2 PM Sunday through 10 AM Monday

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $2,600
    • Mid-Season:   $3,000
    • Summer:        $3,600

Friday Plus Wedding: 4 PM Thur. through 10 AM Saturday

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $3,000
    • Mid-Season:   $3,600
    • Summer:        $4,600

Sunday Plus Wedding: 4 PM Saturday through 10 AM Monday

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $3,200
    • Mid-Season:   $3,800
    • Summer:        $4,800

Mid-Week 1-night: 2 PM day 1 through 10 AM day 2

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $1,700
    • Mid-Season:   $2,000
    • Summer:        $2,500

Mid-Week 2-nights: 4 PM day 1 through 10 AM day 3

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $2,700
    • Mid-Season:   $3,000
    • Summer:        $3,500

Mid-Week 3-nights: 4 PM day 1 through 10 AM day 4

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $3,700
    • Mid-Season:   $4,000
    • Summer:        $4,500

Mid-Week 4-Nights: 4 PM day 1 through 10 AM day 5

  • Main Lodge or Hilltop House
    • Winter:           $4,700
    • Mid-Season:   $5,000
    • Summer:        $5,500


  •   2:00 pm Standard check-in
  • 12:00 pm Early check-in if our schedule allows
  • 4:00 pm Standard check-in
  • 2:00 pm Early check-in if our schedule allows
  • 10:00 am Standard check out
  • 12:00 pm Late check out if our schedule allows
  • Winter Season
    • Nov.16 – Feb. 28
  • Mid-Season
    • Mar. 1 – June 14
    • Oct. 1  – Nov. 15
  • Summer Season
    • June 15 – Sept. 30

Deposits for Wedding Packages:
Initial and confirmation deposits are Non-Refundable
All payments made toward a final bill are Non-Refundable

Initial Deposit

The Initial Deposit and Rental Agreement is due upon booking a date
You can download a RENTAL AGREEMENT on our website.

  • Deposit amounts below are seasonal – Winter/Mid/Summer
  • Weekend Wedding      –  $800/$1200/$1500
  • Saturday Wedding       – $500/$700/$900
  • Sunday Wedding          – $400/$600/$800
  • Friday Plus Wedding    – $600/$900/$1,200
  • Sunday Plus Wedding  – $600/$900/$1,200
  • Mid Week Weddings    – $500/night all seasons
Confirmation Deposit

The Confirmation Deposit due date of this deposit will be given when the rental agreement is received.  The due date will be 1/2 way between your booking date and your check-in date.

The Confirmation Deposit amount is the same as the Initial Deposit.

Kitchen Fees

$150 per day +tax

We have very well stocked kitchens with commercial appliances.  You can count on a commercial dishwasher and commercial refrigeration at both the Hilltop House and the Main Lodge.  In our kitchens, you will find china and flatware for 150 people. We have multiple salt/pepper shakers, acrylic water pitchers, and coffee carafes. Tables and chairs are provided.  Clients often rent glassware and table linens.

A person or company who is paid to provide meals to be served at Anderson Lodge. If you are purchasing prepared foods from a restaurant, this is also considered outside catering.

  • If you choose an outside caterer, there is an additional $200 fee.
  • You must provide contact information for the caterer.
  • The caterer is responsible for clean up of the kitchen and dining area.
  • The caterer must provide proof of insurance.
  • Food trucks are also considered an outside caterer.
Damage/Service Deposit

$500 – Due 14 days in advance of the arrival date as a part of your final payment.

Deposit is refundable if the lodge is found to be in satisfactory condition, there is not excessive trash removal required, no excessive cleaning is necessary, and if no other services are provided.

Part or all of this deposit will be kept if services are provided that are not included in the final payment, excessive cleaning or trash removal is required, the departure or cleaning checklists are not followed. Will also subtract any last minute requests such as adding more bedding sets.

Event/Liability Insurance

We require Event Liability Insurance from the wedding couple.  We require PROOF OF INSURANCE to be purchased and submitted to Anderson Lodge with your final payment. Please have the insurance agent send the proof of insurance. We accept wedding-specific policies only.  We highly recommend WEDSURE for your wedding event insurance. They are very inexpensive, have a quality policy, and policies meet our requirements. Policies start at $125 for a basic policy We do not accept homeowner’s policies. No entrance to the property until this is submitted.

  • Minimum coverage: $1,000,000. (Check box for $1,000,000-$2,000,000 coverage)
  • Coverage for rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony & reception. Start coverage on check-in date and end after your departure
  • Anderson Lodge listed under “additional insured”
  • Host liquor coverage included
  • Anderson lodge venue address must be included on a policy
Final Payment

Final Payment and Proof of Insurance is due no later than 14 days in advance of your arrival date

No entry to the property until the final payment is made in full and proof of insurance has been submitted.

Visa/Master Card accepted

NO PETS: Anderson Lodge has a NO PET policy. Should a guest bring a pet on the premises, there is a $50 fee/pet and the pet/s must be taken off the property. Additional charges will apply if there are damages. Pets are NEVER allowed in any building!

Bedding: $15/set per bed  (7.8% tax)
Bedding Set includes sheets, blanket, pillow/s and bath towel/washcloth

Staff Cleaning:  (7.8% tax)
Main Lodge:     $450
HilltopHouse:    $450
The client must complete a Departure Checklist prior to check out time (10:00 AM)

Staff Cleaning includes:
Enhanced Cleaning Regimen after your stay
Pre-check-in Sanitizing of bathrooms, kitchen and common areas
Morning disinfecting of bathrooms, kitchens and common areas during your stay

There is a 10 can trash limit. Client is responsible for any accumulation greater than the limit.
There is an additional charge if wine/alcohol bottles are left. Client is to transport all bottles home or to a waste disposal facility.



ONE NIGHT PACKAGE Standard Check-in: 2:00 PM

  • If schedule allows*, Early entry may be granted at 12:00 PM (NO COST)
  • If schedule allows*, Extended Early Entry fee $100/hr before 12:00 PM

TWO OF MORE NIGHT PACKAGES– Standard Check-in 4:00 PM

  • If schedule allows*, Early Entry may be granted at 2:00 PM (NO COST)
  • If schedule allows*, Extended Early Entry fee is $100/hr before 2:00 PM

Contact Lodge office to request early entry or an extended early entry


ALL PACKAGES:  Standard Check out is 10 AM

  • If schedule allows* Late Check-out may be granted at 12:00 PM (NO COST)
  • Contact Lodge office to request a late check out.

*NOTE: Early Entry, Extended Early Entry or Late Check-Out may only be confirmed 21 days in advance, no earlier.

Anderson Lodge takes the health and safety of our guests in the midst of the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. We have taken steps to enhance our already rigorous cleaning regimen, added hand sanitizing stations, and perform daily disinfecting of common areas and bathrooms. Self-service buffets are not allowed at this time. In light of COVID-19 safety, reception fare and beverages must be served individually to each guest.

Logo Anderson Lodge black

     Anderson Lodge: Where natural beauty is the icing on the cake!


ALL our packages include lodging for family and friends as well as incredible ceremony and reception sites.

Main Lodge


Guests have exclusive use the whole facility.
It’s like renting an entire resort for your event!

Main Lodge


Our lodges offer such a unique venue to gather and connect with family and friends You can truly make this reunion one that reflects your family traditions.

Main Lodge


Our Main Lodge is a 16-acre site with lodging and loads of recreational possibilities. Giant trees & ferns surround this unique facility. Sterile & conventional it isn’t…
cozy and welcoming it is!

Main Lodge


The Hilltop House is truly a special location. It is perched at the top of a hill with 75 acres of natural beauty and wildlife. Guests enjoy the activities on site and relaxing setting. The view and the lush forest surrounding the Hilltop House enhances any celebration or event.

Main Lodge