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The Main Lodge grounds

As retired teachers we wanted to create a facility that would be a great place for a retreat for kids and adults. In addition to the lodging and the large meeting areas we had to make sure there was an outdoor area equally as pleasing as the inside. Anderson Lodge is perfect for a school staff or student retreat! Arvid and Vicki Anderson, the owners of Anderson Lodge, are retired teachers and make sure their facility is equipped with all the features that would make a school retreat successful. The natural setting and homey atmosphere will enhance any program choice. Teachers appreciate the full array of activities on site, small and large group meeting areas and the quality sleeping rooms. Kids and adults love the many options for having fun!

Bathroom, kitchen, 2 conference rooms and dining areas are well suited to large gatherings. Both the Hilltop House and the Main Lodge have wonderful guest rooms. Game rooms keep everyone occupied. Large conference rooms allow you to have your whole group together for a wide range of activities.  Our amazing covered campfire amphitheater sees a variety of activities.  It has amphitheater-style bench seating at one end, campfire ring in the middle and a stage opposite the seating.  This area gets used all year long since it is covered.  Hot dog roasts, sing-a-longs, skits, talent shows and of course SMORES.   You aren’t roughing it at all!

We often have student groups who utilize Anderson Lodge for a variety of educational retreats.  There are times they study Mt. St. Helens, focus on many areas of study, discover the Native American culture, experience leadership trainings, practice for a concert or just have fun!  What ever the purpose, we strive to make their gathering successful.  We offer special pricing for lodging for our student groups.  Our school district student price list is valid mid-week only (Sunday – Thursday) September through June 15 with a minimum of 15 people.  Anderson Lodge is a  location for private, invitation only events.

Adult staff retreats are very popular at Anderson Lodge as well.  Whether it is Leadership training or a workshop for a specific school, we offer so many advantages.  We are perfect for working retreats or ones just for fun.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you are removed from the everyday hassles of the workplace.  And yes, we do have wireless internet at both the Main Lodge and the Hilltop House.  Our adult pricing for lodging is very reasonable.
Check out our Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ ) page on the website.  There are many details for the rental of Anderson Lodge.

What does a school retreat look like at Anderson Lodge?

Your group can arrive on day one, whether it is mid-week or weekend.  You have a nice dinner, spaghetti feed or potluck, whatever you desire.  Everyone stays the night after a late night of conversation, karaoke, Hidden Talent shows or a great movie.


International Potluck at a Foreign Exchange Student Retreat

Rise and shine on day two.  Have a hearty breakfast and begin the day’s activities.  The morning can be outdoor study, field trips or group activities. After mealtime or a boxed lunch, the group can break into small groups for projects or gather for culminating activities of the day of study. With all the recreation on site, many people incorporate this into their retreat experience or go hiking. A cluster of cooks can gather in the kitchens cooking up a storm, or you can arrange to have your meals catered.


The girls won the challenge!

Many times, one evening is devoted to campfire activities in our covered amphitheater.  The whole experience of activities by a campfire is magical with the fir trees all around and the flicker of the fire.  There is a stage at one end so be ready for some innovative skits and lots of laughter.  It will seat 75 or more people and guarantees the best s’mores known to man!



Anderson Lodge provides 1 cart of firewood for the campfire area. If you wish to have more campfires, please bring your own camp wood or bring charcoal to use in our fire pits. July 15-Sept. 30 a burn ban is in effect for Cowlitz Country. If this is the case during your retreat, oftentimes you are able to use the campfire area with charcoal.

Day three brings a nice breakfast and wrap up.  Meet at the campfire amphitheater for large group presentations and awards can be the culminating activity.  Then you pack up and go home.  Imagine the conversations back at school about how wonderful the retreat was, how great it was to get together free of the sterile school environment and the gratefulness to you for such a successful occasion!


This example is a 2-day plan, however, many school retreats make the event last several days.  YOU make the plan and YOU decide how to customize your stay to fit your needs.

What makes us special is our welcoming atmosphere, on-site recreation, flexible meeting areas, personal service and our one-group-at-a-time policy. Even if it rains we have so many covered areas that it really doesn’t matter.  Of course, the natural beauty surrounding the lodge is the number one attraction. Our lodges offer such a unique venue to gather and connect with school staff or students.  You can truly make this retreat one that reflects your school or organization.  Let Anderson Lodge make your event a unique and extraordinary one!



We have so much to offer!
  • Accommodations in a variety of sleeping arrangements
  • Small group meeting rooms
  • Two large group conference rooms
  • Ample bathroom facilities
  • Large kitchens with commercial appliances
  • Softball/baseball/soccer field
  • basketball 1/2 court
  • badminton and volleyball area
  • horseshoe pit
  • pianos
  • beautiful stone patios for outdoor dining
  • Outdoor amphitheater for campfires
  • Large dining areas
  • Tennis Courts
  • Hiking Trails
  • Lush forest setting
  • Wireless Internet

We have comfortable beds in a variety of sleeping areas. All our accommodations are either double beds or twin beds. Our school groups find it is very easy to separate the genders. Both our facilities have 2 stories in the buildings. Simple. Put the females upstairs and the males downstairs. Then use the cabins to provide sleeping for extra people of either gender or for the cooks, chaperones, or guest speakers.


You may choose to self-cater, choose our preferred caterer, Cindy Blixt of 5 Star Catering or bring in an outside caterer.   

  • We charge a  $50/day kitchen fee.  If you self-cater this is the only fee you pay.
  • If you use our preferred caterer,
    $50 Kitchen Fee WAIVED for any day/s a preferred caterer provides meals.
    $50 Kitchen Fee WILL APPLY to any day/s without a preferred caterer.
  • If you choose to have an outside caterer the $50/day kitchen fee applies and there is a $90 outside caterer kitchen fee.

SELF CATERING: Self-Catering is very popular having volunteers prepare and serve the meals. With all the china, flatware, cooking and serving dishes, commercial appliances and well-stocked kitchens, cooking for a crowd is easily accomplished.

PREFERRED CATERING: Cindy Blixt of 5 Star Catering  is a very experienced caterer of school groups. She is a frequent caterer for Anderson Lodge.  She knows the location of supplies, has knowledge of traffic flow, and can answer questions about your stay at the Lodge. They can even provide sack lunches if needed and can accommodate dietary restrictions.

OUTSIDE CATERING: You may opt to hire an outside caterer for an extra fee.  Please provide Anderson Lodge information on your outside catering choice. An outside caterer is anyone that you would pay for meal service.

The kitchens are well equipped and the dining areas are large enough for your whole group. When you visit either the Main Lodge or the Hilltop House you will be absolutely amazed at the outdoor dining areas with spectacular views.   Groups renting in warmer weather often can be seen at the barbecue or roasting hot dogs in the outdoor amphitheater.  In the cooler months, the wood stoves and fireplaces are wonderful gathering areas.


Both facilities have game rooms with ping-pong,  pianos in the conference room and TV’s with DVD players. We even have wireless internet at both the Main Lodge and the Hilltop House.

Anderson Lodge is located on over 90 acres of forest land. There are hiking trails throughout the area. In addition to hiking, we have softball and soccer fields, children’s play areas, horseshoe pits and volleyball and badminton areas.  Our son would never forgive us if we did not have a basketball hoop! The tennis courts are another popular spot for many lodge guests. How about a rousing game of steal the flag or orienteering? The opportunities for fun are endless!


The outdoor patios overlook the natural beauty of the forest and valley that we are so known for.  A favorite of all our groups, is the covered outdoor amphitheater for campfires.  There is bench seating for 75 or more people and it has a stage at one end.  You just have to come up and see how spectacular the setting is at Anderson Lodge.

Nearby attractions:
  • Mt. St. Helens
  • Pomeroy House and Living History Farm
  • Lewis River Golf
  • Lelooska Foundation and Native American Cultural Center – museum & living history programs
  • Sunset Falls
  • Speelyai Fish Hatchery and Recreation Area
  • Lahar Mudflows of Mt. St. Helens
  • Ape Caves
  • Hulda Kager Lilac Farms
  • Cedar Creek Grist Mill
  • Merwin Lake
  • Yale Reservoir
  • North Clark County Museum

Don’t forget the Lelooska Native American Cultural Center is just a few minutes away. If you are interested in attending a show, find their website address in our “LINKS” section. We are also close to the Mt. St. Helens National Monument. Hiking in the Ape Caves is one of our favorite activities. Winter groups often time take time out to play in the snow on Mt. St. Helens. No matter what the season, the natural setting and homey atmosphere at Anderson Lodge will enhance any retreat!

Meeting Options

Many times retreats require both large and small group meeting areas.  Each facility has a conference room and a reception pavilion for large group gatherings.  There are many options for break out sessions for smaller groups at both sites.

Main Lodge conference room update

Conference Room at the Main Lodge

Conference Room at the Hilltop House

Conference rooms are fully carpeted, and equipped with conference tables and chairs. Our spacious pavilions surrounded by forest, seat over 100 people and are perfect for large group experiences. We only rent to one group at a time so you are not competing with any other group for a particular room. Of course, all our facilities have pianos and guitars to further enrich your experience.

No matter where you are, you will be immediately impressed with the fine attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of Anderson Lodge. You will be amazed at the beautiful woodworking at all the facilities. We strive to make Anderson Lodge have a comforting, home-like atmosphere. We hope guests feel at ease and free from the interruptions of the workplace. The gracious homespun surroundings allow for interactions and togetherness that make retreats so memorable.


What kinds of retreats are held at Anderson Lodge? We are very popular for school student and staff retreats, language camps, science or geology workshops, outdoor school retreats, peer counseling training, and business training groups. Choirs, bands and orchestra retreats find Anderson Lodge perfect for their needs.  Whether it is a student group or an adult group, your experience at Anderson Lodge is bound to be a success! There’s nothing like the togetherness of a retreat to fill your organization with commitment and help them become closer as a group.



The Andersons offer special prices for retreats that take place mid-season and winter season, for Sunday – Thursday nights. Student prices and adult retreat prices are available.  Usual check in is 4 PM  for 2 day rentals and 1 PM check in for one day retreats. The check out is 10 AM on your departure day.

Check out our RESERVATIONS page to see how easy it is to reserve a date for your next retreat!

Give us a call today and make an appointment for a tour. We’ll put on the coffee and meet you up there!

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Anderson Lodge
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