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Welcome to Anderson Lodge

Posted on: December 30th, 2013 by Vicki
Välkommen till Anderson Lodge!

We welcome our guests from Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington and beyond! Anderson Lodge is  a unique and extraordinary lodge in Southwest Washington that welcomes thousands of guests every year.  The natural setting and homey atmosphere enhances gatherings of all kinds.  It is truly something special to get away from the normal stresses of daily life and relax with friends and family or celebrate a special occasion.  We strive to maintain the natural beauty of the environment and provide a location for families and friends to reconnect.

We are primarily a group rental facility.  That means that all our guest rooms or cabins are a part of a large group rental only.  They are not rented separately.  Here at Anderson Lodge, all our large groups have exclusive use of the facility.  Our groups will not have anyone else on-site, just their group alone! Anderson Lodge is a  location for private, invitation only events.

Anderson Lodge has two separate facilities for your next event:  the Main Lodge and the Hilltop House.  You choose which facility best fits your needs.  The Main Lodge and Hilltop House are self-contained and are a mile apart.  This means 2 events can take place simultaneously without infringing upon the other.   Both our facilities are absolutely amazing, so be ready for a difficult decision!

We welcome a variety of groups such as:

What makes us special is our homey atmosphere, personal service and our one-group-at-a-time policy. You will notice hints of Scandinavia everywhere you look. The Swedish influence is apparent with the use of hardwood, the Carl Larsson prints on the walls, the fine attention to detail and the distinctive color of the buildings.   Our mission is to make your event a success in every way.  Therefore, we provide exclusive use of our facility for all our groups. Get away from it all at Anderson Lodge in Scandinavian style.

Nestled in the forest, we are an hour from Portland, Oregon.  We are 23 miles east of I-5, in the beautiful Yale Valley near Mt. St. Helens.  Anderson Lodge is truly a gem of the Pacific Northwest.  Read on to see why our guests return year after year to experience this extraordinary facility.

Our Offerings
  • Lodging for family and friends
  • Spacious kitchens for your use
  • Exclusive use of site
  • Small group meeting rooms
  • 2 large group conference rooms
  • Game rooms
  • 2 pianos at each facility
  • Scandinavian design
  • Spectacular natural setting
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Covered Campfire Amphitheater
  • Tennis Courts
  • Cozy cabins
  • Outdoor dining in the trees
  • Ample parking for guests
  • Wireless Internet
Need a wedding planner, flowers, music, or photos at your event?

If you are in need of suggestions for a florist, musician, photographer or other vendor, check out our LINKS for recommendations.  These vendors have rave reviews from our clients.  Please consider utilizing their talents!

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Events

Looking for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah venue that is unique yet allows you to observe important traditions associated with this milestone? Searching for a location that lets the ideas, the values, and the personality of your event reflect YOU? Anderson Lodge provides a site not just for a party but rather an extraordinary experience that will remain in your hearts for years to come.
As you see above, all our weekend rentals are 2 day events. You have scenic outdoor gathering sites and amazing dining patios with panoramic views, as well as 2 conference rooms for your activities.  Our guest rooms and cabins for you and your attendees add an extra bonus.  When you take the tour and see all what we have to offer, you will discover why people say we are the BEST kept secret in the Northwest!

We have had some very happy people who have chosen Anderson Lodge for their recent bar mitzvah celebration. One guest wrote in an email:  “The place was simply magical for myself and other guests.”  Other comments were: “…made a fabulous choice in having the community gather at your lodge.” And “I loved every minute of my stay at the Anderson Lodge! “

Whether you are looking for a venue for your Barmitzvah, Batmitzvah, Bris, baby naming, or Shabbaton retreat you will love our facility.  Come see what we mean when we say: The natural setting of Anderson Lodge is the icing on the cake!

Retreats at Anderson Lodge

Anderson Lodge is a wonderful choice for group gatherings of all kinds.  We are so well suited for church retreats, business retreats,  and reunions that many groups return annually.  Who chooses Anderson Lodge?   Youth symphonies, OSU choir, high school bands, quilters, scrapbookers, school district staff, foreign exchange programs, leadership conferences, concerts, family reunions, volunteerism workshops, yoga and meditation groups, celebration of life memorials, church gatherings of all kinds, birthday and anniversary celebrations, etc.  There are many more to list but I am sure you get the idea that the opportunities are endless.


Anderson Lodge is a remarkable facility offering a lodging and wedding/reception site all in one! The weddings and wedding receptions that take place at Anderson Lodge are unique and memorable.  The usual concept of a wedding and reception is an afternoon with family and friends staying at local motels and gathering only for the event.  Generally, weddings at Anderson Lodge take place over 2 days or several days.  You have quality time to spend with your family and out-of-town guests and they feel more a part of your special day. Of course, the natural beauty surrounding the lodge is the number one attraction.

You have the opportunity to create a wedding experience that is truly representative of the couple and their individuality.  Whether your ceremony and reception takes place at the Main Lodge or the Hilltop House, your event will be a success and filled with memories.  Dine on our picturesque patios with newly added lighting to allow you to enjoy into the evening hours. Or for winter weddings, celebrate in our spacious conference rooms. You owe it to yourself and your family to discover all what Anderson Lodge has to offer.

Colleens hilltop wedding

School District Retreats

Anderson Lodge is perfect for a school staff or student retreat! Arvid and Vicki Anderson, the owners of Anderson Lodge, are retired teachers and make sure their facility is equipped with all the features that would make a school retreat successful. The natural setting and homey atmosphere will enhance any program choice. Teachers appreciate the full array of activities on site, small and large group meeting areas and the quality sleeping rooms. Kids and adults love the many options for having fun!

Bathroom, kitchen, 2 conference rooms and dining areas are well suited to large gatherings. Both the Hilltop House and the Main Lodge have wonderful guest rooms. Game rooms keep everyone occupied. Large conference rooms allow you to have your whole group together for a wide range of activities.  Our amazing covered campfire amphitheater sees a variety of activities.  It has amphitheater-style bench seating at one end, campfire ring in the middle and a stage opposite the seating.  This area gets used all year long since it is covered.  Hot dog roasts, sing-a-longs, skits, talent shows and of course SMORES.   You aren’t roughing it at all!



The Main Lodge grounds

A reception at Main Lodge patio

Main Lodge Patio

A Main Lodge conference room update

The Main Lodge Conference Room


Orchestra Retreat at the Main Lodge


The Main Lodge


Hilltop House at night


Hilltop House Grounds

Hilltop new furniture 1

Conference Room at the Hilltop House


Patio at the Hilltop House


Cabin at the Hilltop House

Explore our website and learn all about what makes us an extraordinary destination.

Anderson Lodge:  Where natural beauty is the icing on the cake!