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The highlight of the season was the New Year’s wedding at the Main Lodge!  The bride wrote to us and was so thrilled with the whole event. She wanted to let everyone know that a New Year’s wedding is highly recommended!  Let us know if you are interested in holding a winter wedding at Anderson Lodge.  We would be happy to help you in your planning!

We are always so pleased to welcome back our returning families who celebrate the holidays at Anderson Lodge.  We make sure the lodge is cozy, complete with a tree and crackling fires in the fireplace. We had our family Thanksgiving together this year at the Main Lodge. We had a great dinner with plenty of cooks in the kitchen.  Of course, the guitars got lots of use and the grandkids danced.  Such a nice tradition. It is truly enhanced by being able to spend the night and share stories over coffee and oven-baked french toast in the morning.  Life is too short to deny yourself moments like this.  Give us a call if you want to arrange a family get-together at Anderson Lodge.  It is worth the effort for sure.

Winter brought 3 feet of snow to the Lodge that melted very quickly.  Arvid got his snow blower out and cleared the road then kept clearing as more snow fell. It was so beautiful! We did not have any damage except for branches that broke with the weight. With weddings scheduled, we made sure the walkways were clear and there was plenty of firewood on hand.  It is nice that they always keep the main highway cleared so there is always access to the Lodge. We don’t get much snow but it is a great feeling to know we are equipped to handle it!

Now we are approaching Spring!  The Lodge is mainly booked with families and church groups.  Some are traveling from the Seattle area and some from Oregon.  I think we are centrally located for a lot of folks.  It is really quite easy to organize a retreat or family outing at Anderson Lodge.  Identify a “Communications Guru” to get the word out and inspire folks to attend. Second, appoint a “Cruise Director” to create events for the outing. And third, and very important job, choose a “Commander in Chef” (no, not chief, CHEF!) This person (or persons) is in charge of all your meals during your stay.  With Costco and WinCo it is a breeze to cook for a crowd. It is almost effortless to hold an event at Anderson Lodge. Our meeting spaces, our natural setting, our homey atmosphere and commercial kitchens make it sooooooooo easy to host an incredible experience!

We are now looking forward to our big event in April. Our bi-annual Catering Tasting is being held on April 15 at the Hilltop House at 4pm.  Seasons Catering presents their Grand Buffet and attendees will sample the appetizers, salads and main dishes.  This is always very well attended by our brides, grooms and their families.  Plus, it is so much fun to get to know them!  We eat and laugh and eat some more.  I can’t think of a better crowd… all happy people who are looking forward to magical times!  We are taking reservations now so if you know anyone who wants to attend, let them know!

Don’t forget we have wifi at both our lodges.  You can stay connected AND enjoy your event.  Spread the word……….. ANDERSON LODGE ~ WHERE NATURAL BEAUTY IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE!