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We are excited to welcome 2 Thanksgiving groups this year!  They both are in for a real treat.  Imagine the Lodge and the smell of turkey roasting while the family chefs are in the kitchen peeling potatoes and cooking up a storm.  Everyone shares their special dish. Then there’s the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin pies, the green bean casserole, cranberries and homemade dinner rolls with real butter. The kids are busy making decorations for the table and place cards.  Just being surrounded by family is always my favorite memory of Thanksgiving. And the memories come back every year to savor once again.

This scene can be created at Christmas or any day during our winter season.  Leave your worries and the cold outside and enjoy the wonderful experience of the Lodge filled with your family and friends.  Remember Anderson Lodge when you are planning your family gathering this winter.  We specialize in warm family memories.

We have been working on our website this fall now that the wedding season is over.  We are hard at work on improvements at the Lodges too.  We never stop working around here.  For those that do not know, Arvid is a “worker bee”!

We have changed pages on the website which will make it filled with more information and easier for clients to access.  We have an FAQ page for both weddings and retreats.  When someone calls or raises a question on a tour, I try to put the question on these pages.  These pages offer so much info and details about a stay at the lodge.  We also have our rental agreements online.  Now you can download them rather than receive them by snail mail.   And, floor plans.  Many ask the number of beds in each guest room or cabin.  Now we have them online for you.  This is not drawn to scale but does show the locations of the beds, bathrooms, etc.

Arvid has been busy preparing the Lodges for the winter season.  We have finished Pippi’s Play House!  It is so cute and already has seen some happy kidlets.  Yay!  We are enclosing the trash shed at the Hilltop for a couple of reasons.  One of which is aesthetics.   Gazing at trash cans while you hare having a wedding reception is a no-no in our books.  Also at the Hilltop, we are making a partial wall to enclose an area where there are some storage items are visible from the dining patio.  We have plans to stain the gazebo so it can be better preserved and renovate the coffee house a bit.   Clients have mentioned these troublesome areas, which has inspired us to add them to fall projects.  Any other ideas out there?

Again, we want to encourage you to think of Anderson Lodge if you want to have a group gathering this fall or winter.  Spoken from experience, there’s nothing better that relaxing around the wood stove, talking with your special relatives, with the clatter of children playing games in the background.  Someone invariably picks up the guitar and a sing-a-long ensues.  Grandpa and the toddlers are sitting on the couch reading stories.  Then, magically, some wonderful selections of family snacks and drinks appear.  What do I choose… spiced hot apple cider or hot chocolate with mini marshmallows?  Hmmmm. Oh my goodness.  Does it get any better than this?

Happy Fall everyone.  Hope you make some wonderful memories!

Arvid and Vicki