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Hello Bridal Couples!

Happy New Year and happy wedding planning!

We wanted you to know about 2 very special events that are taking place this year. We are having a tasting for our Grand Buffet and for our BBQ Buffet. It is so exciting to be able to offer tastings for both of our yummy buffets.

February 9th, 2014 is our tasting for the Grand Buffet at our Hilltop House at 4 PM. The tasting for our BBQ buffet is March 2, 2014, again at the Hilltop House at 4 PM. If you wish to come up at 3 PM you may do another walk-though of your venue. We will be on hand to answer questions.

You will meet our talented caterers, sample the buffet and be able to ask questions of the owners and caterers.  A special benefit is being able to get together with other bridal couples and share ideas.  It is such a fun time; we enjoy it every year.

The cost for the Grand Buffet Tasting is $10pp for the bridal couple and $12pp for any additional guest you wish to attend. The cost for the BBQ Buffet Tasting is $5.00pp.

You may reserve a spot at either or both tastings. Please respond by email with your name and number of people you expect to have in your party. Also, you are welcome to bring an adult beverage if you wish???

We look forward to our tastings every year. It is so fun to be able to gather together, share ideas and celebrate! We are especially happy to add the BBQ Buffet as a part of our tasting this year too.

Hope to hear from you soon!